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Launched on 15 July 2020, South West succeeds the Warrego Watchman. Originating from Cunnamulla, it has been publishing and printing since May 1883. Independent and privately owned, South West’s core coverage area encompasses the Maranoa, Balonne, Murweh, Paroo, Quilpie, Bulloo and Blackall-Tambo districts. A truly western weekly newspaper with broad horizons.

Published Wednesdays

Published by South West Newspaper Company, 38 John Street, Cunnamulla 4490.
Printed by APN Print, 54 Pioneer Road, Yandina 4561.
Responsibility for election comment in this issue is borne by James Clark, 38 John Street, Cunnamulla 4490

Advertising Deadline: 6pm Wednesdays

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Jen Pike
0400 879 742


Publisher & Editor

James Clark
Phone: 07 4655 4829
Mobile: 0499 299 700

38 John Street, Cunnamulla 4490
83 Galatea Street, Charleville 4470


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Natalee Hall
Forever Young
28 July 1995 – 15 October 2016


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